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Aug. 20th, 2012

Scooters niece now has an LJ and is on my friends list. Therefore my entries will now by more mature/less spastic lol

So welcome to LJ Danny :)
fuck why am i crying....AGAIN ?!

Jul. 28th, 2012

I was laying in bed this morning and started thinking about some of my favorite memories of certain people. Some people I've lost contact with but left their mark in my life somehow.
Maybe i'm just missing certain people right now more than I normally would. I don't know.

I called adult protective about my dad and they said there isn't anything they can do about it because when they went to my aunts house and interviewed everyone, all aligations were denied.
I'm calling my lawyer Monday to see what can be done. No, I can't afford the lawyer, but this is important to me so it's worth it.
So I made the decision to contact Adult Protective Services on my dads behalf. I just hope they are able to help him. I also hope I did the right thing.

I had a job interview this morning to see about renewing my CNA licence and working for the home that will pay for the renewal. I'll find out more around my birthday from what i'm told.

I still haven't spoken to my aunt since our whatever it was we had. Arguement? eh screw it.

Scooter tore his left rotator cuff and might need surgery. I'm not even getting into what we are at this point because I honestly don't know.

Mar. 17th, 2012

Just went through the laptop to fix whatever Scooter did to it while I was away .... sadly, while I was away he was looking through craigslist searching for M4M hook ups....damnit scooter !

ok well I knew a while ago he was curious....or at least he claims its only curiousity. He does have alot of tranny porn for someone who's "just curious"

Mar. 16th, 2012

Sometimes I have to wonder how well is my father being cared for while living with my aunt and 2 uncles. Wednesday afternoon Scooter drove me up to Norwich to meet Betty so I could go to Utica for a couple of days, spend time with her and my dad and go see Jersey Boys in Schencady. I was super excited too, I was getting away from PA for a day or 2, not having to think about anything other than having alittle fun.

My aunt was in a rush so we had to stop and get something to take home to the guys for dinner so she went to Crown Fried Chicken on Genee...omg the food was horrible! the dogs didn't even want to eat it. After dinner she had to go to a meeting so i tagged along and sat bored off my ass for alittle over an hour while she and 5 other women talked about whatever they were talking about.
Then she and I stopped at Dennys for something else to eat. Then headed back to her house.

Around 9ish everyone went to bed cuz they are old and she and I had a busy day planned for Thursday. SO I went to the spare room where I normally sleep and facebooked , checked email blah blah bah and wasn't even in the bed a half hour when I swore I saw something on my pillowcase next to my head. I ingored it for a minute until I saw something alittle bigger than the first something on the pillowcase. I got bit this time and my chin started puffing up like I had been btten by a miquote (sp?) I jumped out of bed to look at the sheets and saw about 50 little bugs all over the sheets and pillows.

I got out of the shorts and cami i was wearing, put on my other clean pjs I brought with me and sat on the floor the entire night watching them crawl everywhere. I texted Scooter several times begging him to come up and get me a day early cuz i refused to stay there 2 nights in a row.

Thursday morning I told Bet what happened and she said she was aware of the issue. Well if you were aware of the issue why the fuck did you let me sleep here!!??!?!? I could have gotten a hotel or stayeda t a friends house. wtf.
So I told her I would be lieaving that night as soon as we got back from our bus trip.

I know she was sad about my statement but fuck really?
The trip was ok. We went to the Empire state areosciences museum (boring)
Had lunch at the Turf tavern (sucked)
and saw Jersey boys (fucking awesome!!!!!)

When we got back I got my things together and had her drive me to the train station where I sat for 5 hours waiting on Scooter to show up. I didnt put any of my thing in the truck. I threw my sneakers in the trash before I got in the truck. On the way home I threw out my purse .... which i thought I took out all the important things before tossing it....yeah I forgot to take out my truck and house keys. UGH. But by the time I realized I threw them out we were already in PA. Thank God for spares.

I took off all my clothes in the front yard and threw what I was wearing in the trash. You may think this is alittle extreme, but I don't. I know those little fuckers hide and lay eggs liek crazy and I wasn't taking any chances.

In other news, Thursday morning while on the bus trip I got a call from Parole. The supervisor was calling me to tell me that Chris had been arrested and was back in Waymart and that if he doesn't finish out his time in prison he will be sent out to western PA to a half way house.

Chris lied to everyone about everything and parole felt that this was a serious issue. LIke when he texted Scooter he told Scooter that his gf was "302"d (put in a psych ward) but if this was true then why the fuck wasn't he here? Certainlyhe wasnt in the psych ward with her.

Then he lied and told me he was staying in scranton and taylor at her sisters house. Ummm....
Then in he texted me saying he was in Lenoxville trying to find a ride back to Carbondale.

Come to find out, he was 2 blocks from my house the entire time and thats where he was arrested at. He violated his parole in several ways and he got his little gf in trouble too as she is on probabtion.

So all I can say is I hope that piece of ass was really good cuz he has to now serve out his parole in prison.....4 more years for 2 months of sex......jackass.

Scooter and I fought all day today. Over stupid shit. Again. I got my income tax return but i'm not telling him about it. I put in my bank account incase I need it. Shit it was the one from 2010 so he doesn't need to know about it. Plus, i'm not his girlfriend.
So yesterday a parole agent came by to check on Scooters uncle, it wasn't his normal PO but a sub seeing his was on vacation.

Today they called and stopped by to see if Chris had returned and I couldn't lie and I wouldn't lie so I told them no, he hasn't returned. About an hour ago, they issued a warrant for his arrest. It's been a week since he's been here last.

He seems to think that because Jesse is a decective in town that he can do whatever the fuck he wants with no consequences.
I mean really, if he was in the hospital or something serious had happened to him the family should have notified Scooter or parole.
The family knows he has to follow his parole requirements, one of them being he has. to. sleep. here. Not whereever the hell he wants.
He's been gone a week with only the clothes he was wearing? unless the family or girlfriend bought him new clothes?
Scooter called Jesse last week asking where Chris was and Jesse didn't seem to know. Jesse is close with Chris' parole office and knows the terms of his parole so he knows he has to be here.

So I don't get it at all. Parole was here last Monday night? around 930 checking that Chris was here. I spoke to his PO Thursday when he didn't come home the night before and according to the PO Chris left him a message on his voicemail saying that his gf was 302'd I didn't know wtf that meant but I was told it means she was on a psych hold someplace. Chris is well known for bullshitting people to get away with whatever bullshit he's up to that night.

I checked out his girlfriends facebook and his, there's no postings and i'm partially wondering if they took off together or something.

All i can say is I hope the sex was worth it cuz if and when he gets caught, he's going back to prison i'm sure. And seeing she's on probation, she's probably fucked too.

I think the family dropped the ball on his caring for him....when he moved in here, Jesse said he would get Chris a bed. Never happened so he had to sleep on an airmatress ontop if Scooters old mattress. Chris' brother Jeff opened the pizza shop where he "worked" yet he never had any money and was there all the time....or so he claimed. Now there's no pizza shop so there's no job. Cindy used to pick Chris up everyday after he got out of work. That ended and so he walked everywhere. There's alot of bs going on that's all I know and Scooter wants little to nothing to do with any of it.

Why are people so damn retarted? Seriously.


Memories of Maryanne

~ running from my bedroom door to the otherside of my bedroom and jumping into bed as fast as I could so Ronald McDonald wouldn't snatch my legs and suck me under the bed where he his everynight. ~ my mother in her fit of rage about me loosing my bathsuit even though I kept telling her it was in the hamper, she still pulled out all of my dresser drawers and dumped everything on my bedroom floor screaming at me that I needed to find it and I was lying about where it was and that I probably lost it. I remember having to clean up my room after she did this and it took forever to refold everything. ~ another one of her fits she threw our pink Avon hairbrush at me as hard ass she could but missed me and ended up hitting my bedroom window and breaking it. I had to have plastic over my window all winter that year. ~ I was reading a book one summer and for some reason she thought it was teaching me devil-ish things and tore the book up, ripping pages out right in front of me. It was a book required by the school for the following years English requirements. ~ She always locked herself in her room....for days at a time. ~ She put a lock on the phone so I couldn't use it. Or she would take the phone cords with her whenever she went out and left me at home alone. ~ I wasn't allowed to watch tv at all for a good portion of my childhood. ~ We had money, Steve worked 2 fulltime jobs for as long as I can remember, my grandparents were always sending my mother money cuz she cried poverty to them and Bill sent her money all the time too. Yet, I still had to stand in line at school and get a free lunch. ~ I had a cat named Gloria, one day my mother locked her and the German Shepard we had in the basement and she forced me to sit by the basement door and listen to the dog tear the cat to shreds. I can still hear the cats screeching sounds. ~ being told that I was fat all my life and if I wanted to be fat then she would help me be that way. then being tied to a kitchen chair and force fed snickers bar, fig newtons and pepsi til i puked. ~ going to school without a winter coat or boots ~ her cutting my arm with scissors while un-tying me from a pole she had tied me to for punishment.


Our tree....its so sad that the entire time I was married i never had a tree. Lucky for me Scooter loves me more than anyone ever possibly has and let me have one this year knowing how happy it would make me ......

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Scooter's mom sent him a birthday card today which was nice and when he woke up he called her for a little while. I was laying on the couch trying to fall back asleep while they talked and by his answers to her questions I know he knows i'm not happy about Chris' moving in.

this is his side of the convo:

Scooter: i'm sure she's not happy about it.
She really doesn't know him at all.
Yeah she is.
She still has it (referring to the car I think)
it needs some work and maybe once Chris gets here he can tinker with it.

Then they started talking about something else. But damnit, if he knows i'm not happy about Chris moving in, then why not tell his other uncles .... why just let them decide for us that Chris is coming here to stay? Not that Scooter had much say in the matter to begin with seeing Jeff and Jesse didn't tell him the real deal with Chris' parole/release bullshit. Jeff and Jesse only told Scooter that Chris needed to use our address and that he would not have to live here. But when we were over to Jeff and Cindys house one night Cindy asked me if I was ready for Chris to move in with us. That's when the bullshit started and here we are 4 days from Chris' coming to stay.

The black kitten is getting sicker and I made a vet appt for it tomorrow evening. I really hope it's going to make it.